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July 20th
"YouTube - Grinder Discs That Shouldn't Exist - Power Hammer 5,000,000" i love these folks, they're great!

"IMGUR - Welcome to Hentai Mansion" this is cool until these tentacles hit some power lines and then they knock out power to the block, and set everything on fire.

"IMGUR - Circular Knitting Machine From 1910" feer cool technology from 110 years ago.

"IMGUR - The WWE Has Been Around Longer Than You Realize" ahahah i'd watch Medieval WWE.
Sent in by: Warming
"YouTube - Playing With MIR Before Quenching 2019" MRI machines are no joke.
Sent in by: DrainMan
"IMGUR - Ding Checker" oh wow, i need one of these!
Sent in by: Terminal
July 19th
"YouTube - Ferngully na na na na na (Land of a 1000 Dances)" talk about an ear worm.

"IMGUR - Damn Canadian Tourists Decided To Jaywalk In Front of my Car Today" heh canadian geese invading everywhere! nothing can stop our stealth troops!

"YouTube - We Exploded a Blast Proof Steel Box, How Many Grenades Did it Take?" pretty sure i've posted a truncated video of this much longer video before, its worth the watch..

"IMGUR - Naturaleza Soprendente" hahaha watch these awkward bees attack these awkward humming birds.
Sent in by: Critter
"YouTube - Michael Dorn and Brent Spiner Funniest Story Behind The Scenes of Star Trek TNG" hahahah we need more funny TNG videos like this one.
Sent in by: Blender
"IMGUR - Yeah That Seems About Right" rofl.
Sent in by: Spacer
July 18th
"IMGUR - Who Ever Reads the Title? Boob" mmhmmm

"PressDemocrat - Sonoma County Has Spent $200,00 on Joe Rodota Trail to Cleanup, Upgrades to Curb Homeless Camps" wow those rocks are real bone breakers.

"YouTube - Dude Where's My Car - Tattoo Scene" i haven't seen Dude Wheres My Car in ages, but i recall last time i watched it, it was enjoyable.

"IMGUR - Technique" never trust the desert.
Sent in by: AlexR
"YouTube - Metal Cutting Disc Explosing at 13,000rpm" never screw around with Rotary tools.
Sent in by: Sully
"IMGUR - Ice Bucket Challenge?" ghaha this makes me laugh everytime.
Sent in by: Sensy
July 17th
"YouTube - AI Jonathan Frakes Probes The Depths of Your Soul for 53 Seconds" this looks like the mustache/beard of Jonathan Frakes with someone elses head behind it.

"IMGUR - Cobra Strike?" its not fake... its just staged... this does look hilarious though

"SunHerald - Neighbor Shoots 14yr Old as Kids Play Hide and Seek Outside, Louisiana Cops Say" Seriously.... what is wrong with humans.

"IMGUR - Thats Trailer Park Life" i miss the Trailer Park Boys.
Sent in by: Goodrun
"IMGUR - How To Get Fired in a Few Seconds Using a Forklift" pretty sure this guy died.
Sent in by: Flubbs
"IMGUR - We Europeans are People of Culture" rofl, now this is a competition i can get behind.
Sent in by: Cheech
July 16th
"IMGUR - Why ChatGPT Wont Be Replacing Your Job Soon" ghahahahahah

"Reddit - In Tower Hamlets Police Taser an Unarmed Man and Kill His Two Dogs" this is a tragedy all around.

"YouTube - Street Sharks (Intro) 1994" i am old enough to remember how awesome this cartoon was.

"IMGUR - Christine Taylor - Rape Prevention With Earl" what ever happened to My Name is Ear?
Sent in by: Acab
"YouTube - e-Corner System By Hyundai" this is cool and everything but how much stress and wear does this put on the suspension and tires?
Sent in by: Sun
"IMGUR - Agreed" yep im tired of finding these everywhere.
Sent in by: Halley
July 15th
"Reddit - 100m Long Rainbow Slide in China" i love the safety concrete blocks with metal posts sticking out of the ground on the edge

"YouTube - Theres No Napping Around a Parrot" i dont think i'd ever want a bird as a pet.

"IMGUR - Attention Photo" awww whos a good pupper

"IMGUR - Freshish Memes 174" ghahahahah
Sent in by: Duz
"YouTube - Skyrim Shuffle" rofl, if only this was an actual interaction in skyrim.
Sent in by: CHair
"IMGUR - So I Was Feeling a Vibration" looks like a bent rim, or a bent axle.
Sent in by: Banner
July 14th
"IMGUR - Beards" lols.

"YouTube - Carl Orff - O Fortuna" Carl Orff was so far ahead of his time.

"IMGUR - The Burden of a Flight Crew" bhahahahah

"IMGUR - Beat Me To It" Yep, arm wrestling machine.
Sent in by: Baio
"NewsWeek - Texas Bill Would Train Third Graders to Use 'Battlefield' Tourniquets" this doesnt sound like a bad idea at all?
Sent in by: Worbla
"IMGUR - Knock Knock" Steel Door Frame vs Pneumatic Jack!
Sent in by: Crisis