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June 23rd
"IMGUR - Hell Comes to FrogTown" hehe i remember this film. such a wierd plot.

"IMGUR - Another Win For Twitter" ghahahahha

"YouTube - Gasoline Engine Converted to Diesel" Diesel motors are notorously simple, i'm kinda surprised that more people dont do this to old junk motors.

"IMGUR - King of Legs" makes sense.
Sent in by: Rerun
"IMGUR - Well.. That Was Easy. Kind of" nope, i'm good.
Sent in by: Hayden
"IMGUR - Making an Entrance" lols i have questions.
Sent in by: Dolphin
June 22nd
"IMGUR - OMG Are You Watching This?" cats are the worst.

"IMGUR - Getaway" bye bye.

"NBCMiami - Florida Principal Resigns After Sending $100k to Scammer Posing as Elon Musk" Classic, leave it to florida.

"IMGUR - Rent-a-man" lols this has to be a photoshop.
Sent in by: Krizunk
"IMGUR - Time for a Classic" haha some of these are epic.
Sent in by: Bud
"IMGUR - Some of These Are Available at County Fairs" do people actually want this kinda stuff?
Sent in by: Orax
June 21st
"Reddit - A Stolen Kia Rear Ends a School Bus While Its Letting Children Off" Whoa! look at that bus Jump! and pretty sure the person hanging out of the passenger side window is dead.

"IMGUR - Only Judge Can God Me..." hahah some real classics in here.

"News9 - 7 Victims Including Missing Girls From Okmulgee County, Found on Henryetta Property" wtf is wrong with people.

"ScientificAmerican - Voyager 1 is Back! NASA Spacecraft Safetly Resumes All Science Observations" Voyager 1 the unkillable spacecraft.
Sent in by: KotMat
"YouTube - NYC Live May 2 2023" there are days that i miss NYC.
Sent in by: Herrman
"IMGUR - Circuito en Casa" CAT SNAKES!
Sent in by: Gordon
June 20th
"IMGUR - Why Don't We Have Cryosleep Yet" yep, ice crystals are bad.

"Reddit - The Headline Death Gap" this is why i've stopped reading the news.

"YouTube - Pop Will Eat Itself - Ich Bin Ein Auslander" PWEI was so far ahead of its time.

"IMGUR - ChogCam - Now With Extr HedgeHogs" aww little spikers.
Sent in by: Schwars
"YouTube - Ding vs. Nepomniachtchi - Fide World Championship 2023 Final" i've never actually watched a chess championship before, these are tragic losses.
Sent in by: Pidium
"IMGUR - Skill" wowo he got half the trunk/roots out of the ground! feer.
Sent in by: Keet
June 19th
"IMGUR - Science is Amazing" Awwww.

"YouTube - Hyundai - We Make WAH" do you though? do you?

"YouTube - The News Hasn't Happened Yet #4" ghahah all news should be like this. completely fake and self aware.

"IMGUR - I Use It For Important Stuffs" hahaha still depressed.
Sent in by: Magix
"YouTube - Mall 6ft Long 1947 Chainsaw First Start in 40 Years" this is serious piece of old machinery.
Sent in by: Harmer
"IMGUR - F_ck Nestle" seriously...
Sent in by: Dizzy
June 18th
"IMGUR - Ford Bubble Glass Top Vehicle 1947" Glass top cars are a great idea, until you take them out in the sun, and realize you're driving a greenhouse.

"YouTube - Megasphere BBS TV Ad, Circa 1996" lols BBS ads, remember these?

"YouTube - 2021 HDR Humanitarian Daily Ration Menu 1 and 2" some of these MRE's actually look like food, these might actually taste good?!?

"IMGUR - Party Next Door is Over" Alright whos turn is it.
Sent in by: Chizzk
"YouTube - Chill-out Music Piano" just a relaxing drive around Japan?
Sent in by: Koepe
"IMGUR - Poopy" lols cats are awful.
Sent in by: AlexR
June 17th
"IMGUR - Surely Someone Hits In Your Mind" never skip grip day.

"KUT - A Month Into Austin Patrols, State Police are Disproportionately Arresting People of Color" i would love to see the employment data along with the arrest data.

"YouTube - Quake 3 Tribulation..." Quake 3... now that was an amazing arena shooter.

"IMGUR - So Annoying" hahahah
Sent in by: Kza
"IMGUR - So-So Protection" *snicker*
Sent in by: Orax
"ClickOnDetroit - Man in Ski Mask Accidentally Shoots Himself While Running From Cops..." lols well done.
Sent in by: Beeson