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April 12th
"IMGUR - Interesante" a good set of mud matts will outlast your car.

"IMGUR - What is The Weirdest Place You Have Masturbated" masturbation saves another life!

"IMGUR - It Was Totally Worth It" no screwing around this pupper means business.

"IMGUR - Capybara's Jumping/Swimming" awww cuteness overload!
Sent in by: Celery
"IMGUR - With Increasing Attention Being Paid to the Safety of Sharing Childrens Images Online..." i'm so glad that regular people are starting to see the awful side of the internet, i remember having a discussion with a few other parents 15 years ago about this vary topic - they thought i was crazy.
Sent in by: Krag
"IMGUR - Puppys While Driving" whos a good boi?
Sent in by: Upaiai
April 11th
"IMGUR - Don't Threaten Me With a Good Time" lols.

"YouTube - Farmer Takes Extreme Measures To Deal With Hog Problem" i guess this is one way to deal with a hog problem.

"Reddit - It Seems We've Adopted a Cat With No Spine" yep cats are terrible.

"YouTube - Nitrous-Fed Hemi Ram vs. Rob Dahms 4Rotor AWD RX-7" pretty sure we all knew the Ram didnt stand a chance.
Sent in by: Amnizu
"IMGUR - First In Line For Treats" OH LAWD HERE HE COMES
Sent in by: CountyR
"IMGUR - I Saw it, I Thought It, You Know You Did Too" this is some real farmer-engineering right here.
Sent in by: sinclair
April 10th
"IMGUR - Cultural Learnings For Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan" i have so many questions.

"TheSun - Enormous Shark Found With Head Bitten Off By An Even Bigger Beast..." feer whatever ate this shark.

"IMGUR - Magnets. How Do They Work" Magnetic Fields and Copper!

"YouTube - Hey Its THat Dog - Resident Evil 4 Remake" RE4 Remake looks so good.
Sent in by: StarPutz
"IMGUR - Watchers" never browse your phone with your back to a window...
Sent in by: Moze
"IMGUR - Todays Inspection Went Smoothly" when you gotta go -- you gotta go!
Sent in by: Plus+
April 9th
"IMGUR - Restored Footage from 1900 of an Electric Moving Walkway..." i guess people were much easier to impress 120 years ago.

"YouTube - Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video" haha every city needs one of these videos.

"Reddit - The Baja Blast Freeze Machine Was Down So The Worker Gave Me This Instead..." lols.

"IMGUR - Dont Get Bonked" ghahahah
Sent in by: Flubbs
"IMGUR - Gotta Love It" pretty sure this is me to a T.
Sent in by: JayP
"IMGUR - Better Than Any Scripted TV Drama..." i have so many questions.
Sent in by: 420fan
April 8th
"IMGUR - Times are Tough for Sales" lols.

"YouTube - Big Bill Hell's" hahah this video brings me back.

"IMGUR - Fish" local fishermen rejoice!

"IMGUR - WW2 Photo Soldiers in Drag" it is well known that bored soldiers would often dress up as women and put on plays to entertain each other.
Sent in by: Seyd
"YouTube - AFSCME" wtf?
Sent in by: AlexR
"IMGUR - 'Finding out' Live and In Color" theres an idiot born every minute
Sent in by: Puzzler
April 7th
"IMGUR - Chair?" i have so many questions.

"YouTube - FarmWorkers - Last Week Tonght With John Oliver" this world needs more John Oliver!

"IMGUR - Mens Playground" Men just want to play with toys.

"YouTube - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - One and Always" modern power rangers looks so lame.
Sent in by: Testino
"IMGUR - Abrupt Chaos" ghahahahah
Sent in by: Memphzilla
"IMGUR - The Watch I Didnt Know i Need It For Weekdays" hehe i'd love to see the movement behind this watch.
Sent in by: GeoLula
April 6th
"YouTube - Keanu Reeves Art of Action Teaser" Action movies from the 90s and early 2000s were clearly at their pinnacle.

"Reddit - Super Slice" Where can i find this 'Super Slice'...

"IMGUR - R for Race Mode" more transmissions need Reverse dogleg from first.

"IMGUR - I'm a Simple Man, With Simple Humor" hehe classic.
Sent in by: gnwork
"YouTube - David Bowie - I'm Afraid of Americans" David Bowie is forever awesome, even with our loss, his awesomeness will never be forgotten
Sent in by: ScottRail
"IMGUR - Demon Egg" bring on the demon core ovum!
Sent in by: Gerhard