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May 22nd
"YouTube - Big Motorbike Engine, in a tiny little van" omg i need one of these little suzuki vans..

"IMGUR - Panda's" its no wonder that they're endangered...

"IMGUR - The Pink One haha" this needs to be an olympic sport. i could watch this all day.

"IMGUR - Cats" cats are the worst.
Sent in by: Sensor
"IMGUR - Cat" seriously cats are terrible.
Sent in by: SiRose
"IMGUR - Spaceballs #1" i will agree, spaceballs is superior.
Sent in by: Keys
May 21st
"IMGUR - Robot Rage" They're Taking our Jerrrbs.

"YouTube - Windows 95 Video Guide With Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry" you have to wonder how much microsoft paid Jennifer Aniston and Matt Perry for this, this was at the height of Friends popularity.

"IMGUR - Helmet Head" bhaha so epic.

"IMGUR - Imma Slap You" Cats are terrible.
Sent in by: Domf
"IMGUR - Plot Twist, The Mouse is Kinky and Love it" this does make me wonder, can animals have kinks?
Sent in by: DarkOne
"IMGUR - Dang it" who is this guy? i've seen him on a million memes never known who he is.
Sent in by: Huckabee
May 20th
"IMGUR - Karaoke Just Got Hard" get it.. GET IT...

"IMGUR - Swedish BurgerKing" i have questions.

"YouTube - 2023 Ford Raptor R vs Toyota GR Supra" Hoonigan just isn't the same without ken block.

"IMGUR - Learn Something" i think im going to have to do some research of my own on this one.
Sent in by: Moses
"IMGUR - Thats The Way It Is Sometimes" bhahah gotcha!
Sent in by: Beetle
"IMGUR - Therapy Animals" in the past i have known numerous people who have become dependant on therapy animals with short lives... its not worth the additional trauma to lose a therapy animal.
Sent in by: DumbChild
May 19th
"IMGUR - Spider Collects Air" how does the spider understand that it needs air to breathe?

"YouTube - Ummet Ozcan - Baiame (Didgeridoo Techno)" i never knew that i needed Didgeridoo Techno in my life.

"YouTube - Talking to an Frisian Farmer in Friesland With Old English" WAT

"IMGUR - BodyBuilders in San Francisco" i can watch these womens reactions all day long.
Sent in by: Quinn
"YouTube - HikMicro B20 Thermal Camera Review" thermal cameras are so cool, and they're great for random tasks like finding wall studs, or drafts around windows!
Sent in by: SharkKing
"IMGUR - Eurovision Sign Language Interpreter Was Bloody Brilliant" The Sign Language Interpreter is way better than the stage show!
Sent in by: Wald
May 18th
"IMGUR - Not Good For Food Safety" i think this tomato is making out with a french maid. or maybe its something more serious.

"CBC.ca - Can Pornhub Evolve?" i dont think so, unless it wants to start offering healthcare... then yes, it'll succeed!

"Reddit - Generations" yep its true.

"IMGUR - Narp?" Hot Fuzz is so good, and its got the Hound in it.
Sent in by: Ghoul
"IMGUR - Oh Canaduh" there are idiots everywhere.
Sent in by: Brenda
"IMGUR - Aurora Borkealis" rofl i can get behind this.
Sent in by: Carson
May 17th
"IMGUR - She Works Hard for the Money" feer.

"Tumblr - Blues Clues" awwww.

"IMGUR - Loop de Loop" almost had it.. keep trying little one.

"IMGUR - Motivational Dump" lols yep
Sent in by: Z420
"IMGUR - Nebraska Shirt Canon" We have the technology we can build it..
Sent in by: Duz
"IMGUR - Dont Drink and Drive Folks" not quiet sure what they expected, i knew this was going to happen at the beginning of the video.
Sent in by: 4in1
May 16th
"IMGUR - Painting Chicken Wire Black" omg, invisible fencing!@

"YouTube - Sweat, Lift and Sonata - Ultimate Classical Workout Playlist" i think i need more victorian era paintings with people working out in fancy dress

"IMGUR - TMNT Party" Ninja Turtles are still cool.

"IMGUR - Free Realestate" ghahahah awesome.
Sent in by: AlexR
"YouTube - Georgie Dann - Paloma Blanca" wtf?
Sent in by: DumbChild
"IMGUR - This Rat Got Yeeted" a rare flying rat video.
Sent in by: IcePol